Thursday, February 26, 2015

Never Lose Your Edge

My thirteen practically fourteen (ugh!!) year old son is tall, six feet tall, and thin, it is so hard for me to find clothes for him that do not swim on him. Luckily my younger son has a awesomely young hip dapper teacher who suggested I look in H&M. I myself have been a H&M shopper for years, but since shopping  for my son I have discovered how many incredible finds the men's department holds not only for my son but for me...

I love this sweatshirt,  I love a great navy sweatshirt but best of all I love what it says "Never Lose Your Edge", I just love that.

I wore this sweatshirt today simply, over a favorite denim shirt,  and my favorite pair of J Brands, dare I be redundant and say my trusty adidas gazelle's were on my feet?

I also love this sweater, this sweater this sweatshirt and this henley, I love a henley, all from the men's department.

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