Tuesday, February 17, 2015

70's Revival

I am so excited for the comeback of 70's fashion. The 70's is one of my all time favorite style decades. From fringe to flare to clogs & platforms, I love the entire boho, sexy, chunky heel, flare leg, clog wearing vibe.

One brand that I think epitomizes the 70's is Gucci, especially a classic loafer like these, I also love this sandal, there is something about a brown suede shoe that is so 70's to me.
I would wear either of these with a pair of cool flares like these or a denim skirt like this one

This fringe Saint Laurent Bag has 70's written all over it, as well as this bag
A jumpsuit like this one and anything DVF like this romper is a quintessential part of 70's style

This sandal with the cork and suede and macrame really says 70's to me

I love the 70's sophistication of this print dress from Ulla Johnson and a caftan like this one from Cool Change is just so Mrs. Roper chic

And last but not least the clog, and Michael Kors always does a great clog and so does Isabel Marant 

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