Friday, December 30, 2016

The Time is Now

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season the one gift that I would love to have and to give is the gift of time. I recently heard somewhere that the way we feel time going by is based on our age, so in our 20's we feel it going by at 20 mph, in our 40's 40 mph, etc...the older we get the faster time seems to fly. I wish we could just slow it all down and stop the clock.

While we clearly can't slow down the hands of time, we can make time count while sporting a unique timepiece, like this one from Jord Watches. I am obsessed with the sleek zebra wood contrasting against the turquoise face.

 Jord Watches are literally crafted from wood, yes wood. This innovative company is artfully crafting these amazing timepieces for both men and woman from a variety of different species of wood ranging from bamboo to acacia to purpleheart which is sourced from the Solomon Islands. None of the woods that are used for these incredible timepieces are on the threatened list of species and some of the woods used are actually overgrowing in certain areas. Many of the timepieces are made with automatic self winding movement and feature durable sapphire crystal faces. Another great feature of Jord watches is that they actually size the watch for you before it is shipped, you just follow their simple sizing guidelines. These unique wood watches are classic yet modern perfect for that special man or woman in your life.

Christmas may have come and gone but Valentine's Day is on the horizon, wouldn't your sweetie love the Gift of Time?
 The Time is Now with Jord Watches

Want the chance to win a $100 gift code to use on one of these gorgeous watches, only one lucky person will win but for all who enter will win a $25 gift code at the end of the contest to use on your choice of Jord watches
click on the image above for you chance

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year's Eve Ready

Hey Guys! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! My family and I certainly did, spending time with great friends that are like family!
I know I have been MIA lately but I was definitely suffering from a holiday hangover. I am totally shopped out and my wallet for sure needs a well needed break. With that all said New Years Eve is on the horizon...
Rather than buying something new I will be digging through my closet for my NYE outfit. Whether  staying home or going out, I think I am going to start with a bodysuit as my build-able piece that I could pair with  jeans denim or leather or anything really.

I love this bodysuit from Lulu's, I know I've posted it before but it is back in stock it's a great price at $36 and you can wear it so may ways!
I love the back!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Morning Obsession

Most bloggers are so organized and have their posts planned weeks in advance. But not me...I like to wing it, and when I post something it's because I was inspired by something that I read or saw in my morning emails, that's how this whole blogging thing came to fruition, me talking to myself while going through my morning emails. When I have a posting lull its because I am uninspired, but today I am digging on this $75 bell sleeved sweater

I love the versatility of this sweater, I think it can take you so many places

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Crunch Time

Ok Guys it's officially crunch time!! Only 4 days left, have you finished your shopping yet?? I am pretty much done, just need a few stocking stuffers, and I'm on the hunt for a last minute Xbox one game.
I'm running out first thing this morning hoping to avoid the crowds and hitting TJ Maxx first to see what I can find to stuff the stockings with like an inexpensive pair of wireless bluetooth ear buds for the kids to keep in their backpacks so when they lose them or smash them when they drop their backpacks down I don't lose my mind, and to gather up a few last minute hotessy gifts like this cool wine barrel candle to keep around because you never know...and then I'm off to American Eagle to find a few pairs of snarky inappropriate boxers, because that's the kind of mom I am. I will refrain from adding a pic because that may be even more inappropriate!
Ok and then, this is really important shhh don't tell the almost 16 year old, I am on the hunt for Jujubes, yup Jujubes, do you know how hard it is to find this dual cavity pulling and cavity causing candy!! But it's the big ones favorite, a Mom's gotta do what a Moms gotta appointment to follow

If you happen to see me out this morning don't come too close I can't promise that I've showered yet!

Are you a last minute shopper??

Friday, December 16, 2016

This is 45

My age doesn't scare me, I am 45 and proud of it! I actually feel stronger and better than ever. Aside from the fact that I can't eat carbs after 4 pm or I will automatically gain weight literally bite by bite, 45 is just an age. What does scare me though is the visible signs of 45 years worth of  of sun damage that is most evident on my neck.

Oh how I wish I had listened to the smart beautiful woman in my life trying to stop me from slathering on that sweet smelling orange oil, or coco nutty tanning oil and swap it for, in those days a mere SPF 15. I remember a friends mom trying to get 17 year old stubborn me to use SPF 15, please I wanted a savage tan, I told her, Or how about the hours of regret I have spent in a tanning salon damaging my fair young elastic skin cell by cell.

At 45 I am definitely older and wiser when it comes to my skin, always wearing a hat in the sun and never leaving the house without at least SPF 15 on my face even in the winter, but it does seem like it may be too little too late. I have certainly paid the price for my sun worshiping days especially on my neck, where the hyperpigmentation from sun damage and crepiness is most apparent. I am so self conscious of my neck, in my head everyone sees it and everyone is staring at it, it's like a giant bulls eye and if I could wear a turtleneck or scarf everyday I would.

A few years ago my friend Nicole introduced me to NeoStrata when I was struggling with a random bout of adult cystic acne. The Foaming Glycolic Wash calmed my stressed skin down, and evened out my skin tone. Well here I am again in need of a skin 911, but this time acne isn't the issue but my poor sun damaged neck. I am so grateful that this amazingly moisturizing NeoStrata Triple Firming Neck Cream has found it's way into my daily skincare routine.

The NeoStrata Triple Firming Neck Cream is made to target and reverse visible signs of aging on your neck and decolletage to give your skin a firmer more youthful appearance. This trio of state of the art ingredients work together to plump, build volume, firm sagging skin, and reduce the appearance of uneven pigment. The triple action formula restores suppleness, stimulates collagen production, and exfoliates to help reduce the appearance  of those ugly sun spots, ummm yes please!!!

This potent cream contains ingredients like Apple Stem Cell Extract which will help protect your skins essential cells and tell them to behave like younger skin, just what I need! You actually can feel the richness of this cream the instant you pump it into your hands. I almost want to slather this incredibly silky cream all over my body! I've been using the triple action neck cream twice a day for just over a week and I am already starting to see the discoloration on my neck getting slightly lighter, and the crepiness less visible! I know the best is yet to come at the bottom of this magic blue bottle!

*This post was sponsered by NeoStrata all opinions are my own*

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fitness Freak or Atheisureist Gift Guide

For the fitness freak who loves to look fab at the gym or for the athleisureist (is that a word) who loves to be comfortably chic this is the gift guide for you!

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Friday, December 9, 2016


Whether it's patches or embroidery, customizable fashion is all the rage right now, and makes a great thoughtful holiday gift. If DIY isn't your forte, don't sweat it, I got you covered

At Bow & Drape you can shop their huge selection of in stock items or you can customize your own sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, dog sweaters, pillows, Sriracha, yup Sriracha, and the list goes on...prices start at just $18

How cute is this mock up I did? I should totally order it right??

Bow & Drape make its so easy, simply pick the item you would like customized, pick your lettering, sequins, embroidery, or vinyl letters, pick your phrase, it's that simple!
The sweatshirt I created above is $65 is that not the perfect gift??

Over at Mother Denim you can find these cool patched denim jackets
Or you can purchase their patch packs and Diy, to add to your favorite jacket, jeans or whatever else you can dream up!

 If you know me you know how obsessed I am with these Lingua Franca cashmere sweaters that I have posted before, find them at Net-A-Porter with cool phrases or contact Lingua Franca directly to customize your own one of a kind sweater

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Embroidered Beauty

Do you love these gorgeous embroidered dresses as much as I do? They are just perfect for that warm beach getaway that you are looking forward to

                         $299                                                                  $980

I have been coveting these dresses for sometime now, but as gorgeous as they are, I haven't been able to pull trigger because of the hefty price tag. But this morning while going through my emails, I came across this beauty from Forever 21, yes Forever 21, and the best part??? This beauty is $38! Add to cart!

Monday, December 5, 2016


*Sponsored post*

Don't you just love when you open your front door and there is a pretty little package that has magically appeared? By magically I mean your favorite UPS Gal or Guy has just quietly delivered it. Well I was super stoked to open my front door the other day to find my Holiday Limited Edition GLOSSYBOX!  
What's GLOSSYBOX you ask??
GLOSSYBOX is a monthly Beauty in a Box subscription. After filling out a beauty profile you will receive a perfectly curated selection of five beauty products that range from high end brands like la prairie to emerging specialty brands like Crush by Rihanna each month

I'm so excited to try all of the amazing products from the Holiday Edition Box that contains not five but six full sized products and has a retail value of over $184!!

Nutra Luxe MD Retro Brow-Prime & Extend Duo

 I have such thin fine brows that I have major brow envy of all of you girls with gorgeous full brows. Nutra Luxe promises to plump up the appearance of my thin brows and give my brows a thicker fuller look, I am so excited to try the Nutra Luxe MD!!

Skin & CO Roma

Although I am not a fan of truffle oil in my food truffle extract in my skin care is another story. I can't wait to try this cleansing oil, with sweet almond oil, organic argan oil and rose extract.

Bad Medina Cosmetics 

I love a good shimmery neutral lip especially for the Holiday's!

Babor Masterpiece Ampoule Set

It's all about the hyaluronic acid these days and these ampoules pack a punch, hydrating your skin to give you a smooth fresh look, who doesn't want that?

Dome Beauty Diamond Eyeshadow

Again with my neutral palette, I love this neutral eye shadow metallic eye shadow. The coverage is easily adjustable to go from day time to night time for a more dramatic look.

Figs & Rouge Avance + Invisible Pores Night Detox Serum

I love a good serum and one that makes shrinks my pores and makes my skin glow....I may coat my entire body in this!

The subscriptions for GlossyBox range from $17.50 for the 12 month plan to $21 for the monthly plan, don't you think GlossyBox would make a fantastic holiday gift??

Special thanks to GlossyBox for sponsoring this post

Friday, December 2, 2016

Luxe Gift Wish List

On top of my Luxe Gift Wish List is a Gray Malin print 
I love his Summertime Swimmers like the one below

But of course my favorite prints are those of my beloved Hamptons

What else am I wishing for?
First and foremost always Health and Happiness
And then all of the frivolous things below

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Wooden Wristwatch