Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recycled Levi's

Years ago and I do mean years ago, like the 90's, I lived in Recycled Levi's or Used Levi's, (and cowboy boots). I know the word "Used" now makes you cringe, but somehow it didn't bother you then. My friends and I would go to this great Used clothing store in the Village and scour through racks and racks of Levi's to find the perfect broken in pair. Even all of the trendy clothing stores back then carried piles and piles of used Levi's. This is obviously a thing of the past and now when I want to get my hands on a great pair of broken in Levi's I scour Ebay. If I am buying Levi's to cut into shorts I love men's 501's.

I like my shorts to hit below the belly button, I know the high waisted short is the thing, but it is not the thing for me, or very flattering, so what I do is measure the waist on a favorite pair of my  jeans and look for Levi's in that waist size. When looking for Levi's there is the size marked on the jean and then there is the actual waist size, I recommend looking for sellers that list the actual waist size, post a lot of pictures, and have good feedback, good feedback is extremely important when buying from Ebay.

The high waisted trend in shorts is so hot right and there are many trendy stores selling recycled Levi's with a hefty price tag, but I recommend figuring out a flattering waist size look on Ebay,  and make your own shorts. They are so many creative ways to personalize your shorts, like sewing  a piece of lace along the hem or sewing on a cool Rolling Stones patch, or using a bleach pen and monogramming your initials into the back pocket the possibilities are endless...
Be Creative, make them your own...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dr Scholl's a Summer Staple

For me the definition of a Summer Staple  is something I go to year after year whether it is trending or not. A wardrobe staple is something that never goes out of style like a great pair of Levi's or a navy blazer. 
One of my favorite Summer Staples, is a good ole pair of classic Dr.Scholl's. I'm not sure what it is about Dr. Scholl's maybe it is the wooden sole, or maybe it is how incredible they make your legs look in a pair of shorts, they remind me of my childhood. Every summer I always looked forward to my mom taking me shopping for a fresh pair of white Dr.Scholl's. With summer coming and White being such a huge trend I thought I would go back to my childhood and treat myself to a fresh pair.

Dr.Scholl's Original $64.99

I can't wait to pair them with a great pair of overalls like these from Frame Le Garcon Overalls
and a classic striped racer back tank like this one from Zara or with a denim skirt like this one from  Current/Elliot and this Seed Stitch Sweater from Everlane

Always wear what you love, be yourself, don't be a slave to a trend...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sun & Surf

Finally, after such a long harsh winter, and a Spring snow, I think Spring is truly here. It is such a relief to look out the window and see the green grass  the cherry blossoms and daffodils  blooming rather than all of that snow.
With all of the good that comes with Spring it is also time for Spring Cleaning and that includes my swimsuit drawer which needs a major overhaul. Living in the Hamptons I spend a tremendous amount of time either at the beach or by the pool, so I need a swimsuit that I can actually swim.

I love this reversible suit by RVCA it's like 2 suits for the price of one

Anchora Reversible Top $46                      Vervet Reversible Bottom $40        

Between the chlorine, saltwater and sunscreen I am hard on my suits so I always look to Old Navy and Target for great swimwear that is always on trend and off course well priced.

Xhilaration Bikini $14.99 each piece

Old Navy Macrame Bikini $19.94 each piece

Also coveting this bikini from Acacia and love this one and this one and this Rashguard all from Victoria's Secret also this Mara Hoffman 
bikini and this bikini from Eberjey.
This  cover up from J Crew is perfect for a day at the beach
and you always need a great hat, suncreen and a  beach bag like this one from Roberta Freymann and you are all set for summer!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easy Breezy

One of my favorite things to wear in the summer is a light gauzy embroidered top or dress. The thing I find with these light gauzy or cotton styles, especially if they are white, is that they tend to yellow. While I love tops like this one from Calypso,  my shopping sensibility comes into play and I look to sites like Forever 21 for similar styles in a price range where if the piece does yellow it won't really phase me. I found so many adorable budget friendly choices on Forever 21 that will satisfy one of my favorite summer boho looks...

I love the Orange Embroidery on this top $22.80

Embroidered dress $24.80

Woven Blouse $27.80

Lace Shift dress $24.80

Poetic Embroidered Top $29.80
Crocheted Cami $17.80

Free to Be Top $19.80

Embroidered Cami Dress $27.80

Kaftan $22.80

Monday, April 7, 2014


Ok, so here are a few of the things I will be bringing with me on my Imaginary trip to Coachella!
 Imaginary? Umm, duh, I am fully aware of the fact that I have aged out of a cool music festival like Coachella. But my former 24 year old self so would have been there, so I am currently living vicariously through her!

 Mango Dress $59.99

                               Zara Bucket Bag $99.99

Levi's 501 White Trashed Shorts $78


Forever 21 Kimono $27.80                                  Free People $98

Ray Ban Highstreet $160
 Zara Denim Jacket $59.90                                          Birkenstocks $129.95

                                                            Current Elliot Shortall $215



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Isabel Marant Splurge vs Steal

While I absolutely love the Boho Chic Bad Ass Style of Isabel Marant it does not always fit into my budget, so I've found some great pieces that have her similar cool chic style that won't break the bank, and the Hubby will approve of.

                     Steal vs Splurge

India Hicks Necklace $22                       Isabel Marant Necklace $330


 Zara Sandal $99.90                                                           Isabel Marant $580

Zara Top $49.90                                                     Isabel Marant Top $800

                                                                                       Isabel Marant Skirt $685
Mango Skirt $34.99

 DV Dolce Vita $88.95 $62.26
                                                                                       Isabel Marant $600

 Mango $59.99                                                       Isabel Marant Dress $1105

 Madewell Belt $29.50  $24.50                           Isabel Marant Belt $80

Wooden Wristwatch