Monday, January 29, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I have you covered with my Gift Guide where almost everything is under $100, because we don't need to spend a lot to show our love 💕💕

Chaser Sleep Mask because sleep is the ultimate gift
 These Venus Et Fleur are a splurge but they do last for an entire year!
Pj Salvage Heart Pj's because pj's for Valentine's Day are a must!
Guys people are going NUTS for these sneaks, they get RAVE reviews! Steve Madden Lancer Sneaker
This new Hermes Twilly fragrance would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for wife, sister, daughter anyone who loves a little luxury
These Gold & pink Diff sunglasses are the ultimate gift for that cool girl
Yup, token Love sweatshirt
Who wouldn't love these Ugg shearling slides for Valentine's Day??
I LOVE Sugarfina and this XOXO 4pc Bento Box will def score you some love
A little Hanky Panky for Valentine's Day???

Monday, January 8, 2018

Workin Day & Night

If you follow me on Facebook I'm sure you have noticed that everyday even several times a day I have been sharing maybe even over sharing lots of different things from a cool gadget on Amazon, a ridiculously expensive pair of 1 legged jeans, or an amazing sweater.
I always said that the reason I started this blog is because, well I kinda talk to my self when going through my emails in the morning, and I wanted to share with you all of the things that I obsess over while scrolling though my emails, like when I saw this Gucci bracelet, I thought to myself yup it's a naughty purchase, but I can totally picture it on my wrist this summer...or when I came across this adorable Old Navy jumpsuit, while I would love to blog about all of these things that is just not realistic so I just love the ability of sharing things with you on Facebook that I come across on a daily. This is not to say that I won't be blogging I will, but not every thing warrants a blog post

Now I just came across these Frame jeans...and I immediately saw these as a blog post, I just love the detail on these jeans but at $250 I know it's an easy purchase for some, but totally unrealistic for many. I get it these jeans are pricey but here is a great way to maximize their wear and balance them out with more affordable pieces,without sacrificing style


Did I totally babble in this post??

Monday, December 18, 2017

I Got it for my Mama

Of all the gift guides to be stuck on it's this one....
Truth is, I have everything I can ask for, the love of my Husband and kids, my families health & happiness, my poor Mom released from rehab and home for the holiday's after several debilitating bone breaks, I'm good...and a little sappy

I wanted to keep this gift guide "realistic" sure I would love to see Hermes bag under the tree (I've only been obsessed with it for 25 years)  but let's be honest that's just not the case, and I'm good with that

So here we go....
 Everything is available at the GREAT & POWERFUL AMAZON
and...everything is PRIME, you all have Prime right????

What the F*%ck Should I make for Dinner because isn't this what we say EVERYDAY??

This SOLO Mio Sonic face cleanser and massaging brush is supposed to be amazing!

Get Mom a pillow case, yes a pillow case trust me, prevents wrinkles, crazy bed head, and dry skin!

Who doesn't love their Kindle my kids somehow all steal mine so I would love a new one this year! Hint Hint....

Ok...the mush factor of this will score BIG with this one!

This PJ Salvage robe will make anyone happy!

I am hoping to find this facial massager in my stocking

This alarm clock is genius, something anyone would love

If you Can Read This Bring me a Glass of Wine socks, my friend bought me these last year and I love them!!

Sunglasses always make a great gift and  love the shape of these Ray Bans

This rose gold make-up brush kit is a winner for sure

Great Mom gift always revolve around either coffee or wine, I got you covered with this wine and coffee mug set

I've posted this vanity mirror before, it is one of my followers favorite items!!

These PajamaGram pj's are sure to be a hit!

What Mama wouldn't love a pair of Ugg slippers?

Hat's and gloves are a stocking stuffer staple don't you think?

Wooden Wristwatch