Monday, December 30, 2013

Denim Junkie

Ok, you all know I love a great pair of jeans, I am a major denim junkie. I just bought my first pair of jeans from Zara $79.90 on sale for $49.99! $49.99 yes that is what I said!  
Ripped Jeans ( i love that all of the rips have been reinforced) ankle length my favorite length , pure denim love...

I would pair for day with

                                                                           Zara Sweater
Jenni Kayne
Perforated d'Orsay Flats 
I am OBSESSED with these shoes! 

And for Night with....

Aquazzura Juno Sandal

Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Post Xmas Sale Finds

Christmas has come and gone and now it is time to clean up all the wrapping  and bows and take down the tree. It is also the best time to score some things you may not have gotten for Xmas.

If you want to treat yourself to a great pair of shoes Jimmy Choo has a great end of season sale!

Pixel Wedge $575  $288                                Abel Pump $795  $398

Rag and Bone Leather Camo Pants $990  $399

Proenza Schouler $1285  $643

Rag & Bone Kinsey $595  $297.49

Forever 21 Sweater $19.80  $14.95                                 Forever 21 Jacket $34.80  $23.99

Monday, December 23, 2013

Favorite Drugstore Finds

Even though I consider myself low maintenance, as I get older I seem to use more and more products. All of my favorite skincare products in the past typically came from Sephora or Norstroms or Neimans. Now it seems I am equally happy with all things I can find on my weekly or bi-weekly trip to Target
Convenience is a huge factor for me, I get major anxiety when I start to reach the bottom of any of my favorite products.
Here is a sampling of some of my can't live without products.

I have been using Smiths Rosebud Salve $3.89 for years, I keep one in my nightstand, car, make-up bag, kitchen drawer, I have them everywhere!!! I use this for so many thing other than a great lip balm, I use it on my cuticles, dry skin patches and I love to pat some on my eyelids and crows feet to keep a dewy look all day especially in the winter.

Ok, so these Goody Spin Pins $5.89 are Amazing! During the winter months with sweaters and coats and scarfs my hair is a tangled mess, so I typically wear it up in a messy bun everyday. These Spin Pins keeps my bun secure all day.

I hate to say it but with age come age or sun spots, I use this nightly to hopefully fade my sunspots, this also gives your skin such a nice glow. Garnier Skin Renew $14.99

For all of you that know me, you know that I am addicted to eye cream, I use this in the morning and a few times during the day. Say Yes to Blueberries $16.29

My hair is so tangled when I get out of the shower, after using so many different detanglers over the years I have come back to good old Johnson's no more tangles $3.49, works great and makes my hair super soft!

I love the smell of Coconut especially in the winter, it reminds me of the beach and gets me through the cold months. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Oil $5.39 keeps my dry skin moisturized without being oily, and the smell of the Jergens Cocoanut Milk Crema $5.99 reminds me that with every cold wintery day we are a day closer to Summer!

Yup, more eye cream, this one I use at night! Neurtrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair $19.99

I just read about this Alba mini peel $8.99 on Refinery 29 as a Best Drugstore Beauty Buy and I agree!

Another Refinery 29 Best Drugstore Beauty buy, I have just started using this Olay CC Total Effects $17.99 and it definitely evens out my skin.

I used Cetaphil for years and while I still keep that in my skin care arsenal, I have been loving this Olay cleanser. Olay Regenerist $5.99

Friday, December 20, 2013

Zara Sale

Get to your computers or if you are lucky enough to live near a store get in the car the Zara sale has started!
So many great things on sale from my last Zara post!

Blazer $189.00 $119.99

Camo Skinny Trouser  $59.90  $39.99

Open Back Sweater  $49.90 $29.99

Open Back Dress $89.90 $59.99

And so much more....

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wishful Wedensday

Wishing For...

 Isabel Marant Basley Bootie
 Forward by Elyse Walker

 Blue Life Caftan                                     Etienne Marcel Tie Dye Cord
Planet Blue                                                        Planet Blue

 Molton Brown Naran Ji Candle

 Haute Hippie Fox Vest
Forward by Elyse Walker  Torchlight Leather Mountain Clutch
                                                                                       Planet Blue

 Blah Blah Pad
J Crew
Ray Ban Thick cat-eye Wayfarer
J Crew

Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Blues

 I love to be outside and feel the warm sun on my face all year round, so when I am stuck inside all bundled up on these cold blustery winter days it is a major downer for me. When it is so cold that I don't want to leave my hot shower to get dressed to head out into the cold I try to perk myself up with scents of the summer to keep me going through the cold day.
My absolute favorite favorite favorite is Bobbi Brown's Beach Fragrance , Body Oil, and Body Lotion it literally smells like Coppertone and reminds me of the warm sun and my toes in the sand.

 Makes an excellent gift as well and a great treat for yourself...
Find all the Bobbi Brown products at Norstrom

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wishful Wedesday

On this Wishful Wednesday I am wishing for all things Zara! I know I know Zara again, but yes!
The Line is Amazing! The prices are amazing!
 Free shipping, free returns, and so many incredible things, what more could you want??

Faux Leather Lace Top $79.90

Faux Leather Skort $69.90

Sweater with Open Back $49.90

Dress with Bow in Back $89.90

Short DuffleCoat  $179.00

Short Jumpsuit $99.90
Totally Obsessed with this!

                                          Gloves $59.90
Tote $59.90

Camo Skinny Trousers $59.90
I just bought these, they are amazing!

Top $59.90

Blazer $189.00

 I honestly could go on and on there are so many beautiful things....

Wooden Wristwatch