Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aerial Yoga

For some people working out comes easily to them. They have the motivation, the drive, they push themselves. I am so envious of these people, the fit ones, the ones who run mile after mile, while chatting with their running partner.
I am not one of these people. I loathe to work out, I have to push myself, shove myself to workout. There are some types of workouts that I do love, I love to Spin, love it, I love the energy of the room everyone riding together pushing themselves harder and harder, I also love the Insanity workout there is something about Shaun T he is so motivating, no matter how hard the workout he  keeps pushing you to the limit.
 So while in a workout lull (my favorite trainer has been on hiatus, CT) I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try Aerial Yoga. Aerial Yoga uses a circus hammock or silks that are suspended from the ceiling. The workout helps you build flexibility and strength, it combines traditional yoga poses combined with inversions. I enter each class wanting to try more advanced positions and inversions, and leave each class dying to do all over again.
 Aerial Yoga is also called Unnata Yoga, learn more about it here Unnata


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Camo Chic

Camo is such a huge trend this season and this Valentino Rockstud Clutch is the ultimate in Camo Chic

 If you would like to add a hint of Camo style to your wardrobe without breaking the bank here are a few great pieces



Sweater I love the little bit of Camo detail on the sleeve

These Camo pieces are definitely a Splurge...

Shoes  I have to tell you I am obsessed with these shoes!!

Pants  These leather pants are amazing!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Effortlessly Frye

We all have our own list of things we are currently coveting for an upcoming season, whatever the season may be. It's so easy to point and click our way to update our wardrobe, sometimes impulsively. But so many of us don't take the time to look into our closets to see what we already have that is on trend.

One of my favorite things that I dig out of my closet year after year season after season, are my Frye boots. I absolutely love Frye they are always classically on trend,  whether it's my beloved Paige,  my girl Veronica, or my rugged Harness, they are all classics. I love the effortless casualness they add to any outfit and they are perfect for New York weather spring, summer, fall, or winter.


 Love to wear my Frye's folded over....

Monday, October 21, 2013

Me & My Chucks

Me & my Chucks my Chucks and me we go everywhere together. I can always count on my Chucks to complete an outfit day or night.

Believe it or not I actually just started wearing Chucks, I had been a devoted fan of Chucks preppier sibling Jack Purcell for the last 20 years. And while I will never turn my back on Jack, I just can't get enough of Chuck!

I wonder why it took me so long to discover Chucks, my kids always wore them when they were young and I know my Dad wore them when he was young, whatever the case I am now a devoted fan, and currently addicted to classic black.

High or low you can't go wrong with a classic pair of Chuck Taylor's.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Leather Weather

Leather weather is here, and while I am sad that the cold weather is upon us, I am excited to get into some warm fall clothes. I am such a leather lover and I am loving that leather or the leather look has become such an everyday wardrobe staple. From Forever 21 to Rick Owens what ever your price point is there is a something for everyone.
For me I love a classic pair of leather jeans, they are perfect for day with a great chunky sweater or night with a sexy shoe.
I often look to store like H&M or Zara for affordable well made versions of current trends, here are some faux leather items I have just picked up and have been living in.
 H&M Faux leather Jean
 Mossimo Sweater   
Love the leather detail on this sweater
Zara Legging
Zara Pleated Skirt

Rick Owens Clean Biker Jacker
A girl can dream right???

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Favorite Jeans

Don't you find that your favorite pair of jeans is always in the wash? I mean duh they are your favorites where else would they be? You do wear  them ALL the time!
It seems like every time I buy a new pair of jeans I'm always like "omg these are my new favorite jeans", and off they go into the closet with all the rest of the "favorites".
I tend to name my jeans too like, favorite pair for ankle boots, or favorite pair to go out to dinner in, favorite for flats or favorite to wear with a pair of chuck taylor's . Is this normal, do other people name their jeans?
So in the closet all the favorites hang together but only a select few make it into  the weekly circulation, here are a few of my "favorites".
Old Navy Rockstar

Enitenne Marcel
Favorite to go out in, love the red zipper detail
Current Elliot Stiletto
Mother The Slacker
Rag & Bone The Skinny Jeans

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hukk it with Hukkster

This is one of the first few Posts on my Blog, and at this time of the year with so many great sales, I thought I would re-post for those of you who missed it.

I want to share a secret with you.
I love to shop, don't we all, but I am also a sensible shopper, a smart shopper. Whether it's Old Navy or Neiman Marcus I love a sale, I do, and I am not afraid to admit it. This is why I am addicted to Hukkster. Do you all Hukk? Do you even know what Hukkster is????
Hukkster is a brilliant website that allows you to save the items you are coveting to your Hukkster account and then Hukkster will notify you when they go on sale. Brilliant right? You simply add the Hukk it button to your bookmark bar and if there is an item that you are waiting for to go on sale you click on the Hukk it button and that item is stored to your Hukkster account. You will be notified when the item goes on sale or if there is a store coupon or a Friends & Family promotion etc.. Hukkster works with most websites from Neiman Marcus to Old Navy and everything in between.
Happy Hukking Everyone!!

Some of my best Hukks to date...

 Manolo Suede Driver similar
 Current Elliot
 Monolo Leopard BB similar

Rag & Bone Classic Newbury

I am in no way affiliated with Hukkster

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shopbop Friends & Family

 Fall is in the air in NY, I can't wait to throw on chunky knit sweaters, boots, leather pants, my fall wish list is endless. Shopbop is one of my absolute favorite websites, and today through October 17th, Shopbop is 25% off, (even sale items!) just enter code INTHEFAMILY25, now is the time to stock up on your favorite fall favorites!

Some things that I've had my eyes on...

1.Coat 2.Peep Toe Booties 3.Sweater 4.Boots 5.Blazer 6.Coated Jean  7.Jodphur 8.Leather Pant 9. Dress

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Denim Junkie

So I admit i,t I am a bit of a Denim junkie and truth be told a little bit of a denim snob. Current Elliot, Mother Denim, 3x1, the list goes on and on, until...
While reading my morning Damsel in Dior post on Bloglovin I see The Damsel herself sporting a pair of Old Navy Rockstar Skinny jeans, hmmm really Old Navy? Ok I'm game...
So $17's  later, YES I said $17 (on sale) I could be in denim love.
The best part is they come in three different lengths, short, regular and long. I personally love an ankle length skinny jean so i bought the short , perfect for a heel, bootie, boot, chuck taylors, totally versatile!

Now don't get me wrong it's not like I don't frequent Old Navy because I do, often, but never for denim, until now....
My next order  Women's The Rockstar Coated-Wash Super Skinny Jeans
Stay tuned....

 Damsel in Dior Bloglovin
 Leather shirt similiar Theory leather shirt   Converse Chuck Taylors
I'm with the band t-shirt similar Forever 21  Ray Ban
  Manolo BB   Mossimo Open Back Sweater Hermes Belt

Wooden Wristwatch