Saturday, December 14, 2019

Gift Guide for the Boys...for the Guys....

It's funny I'm a Boy Mom and I've been having a hard time with this one...maybe because my boys do not need a thing...maybe because I think many things this year are the same as last. But you know me, I'm going to dig deep and find the good stuff!

 Do they need another Champion? Probably not but this color combo is so fresh!

I enlisted my in house sneaker experts for these...My Mace said walk into any classroom and every kid either wants or has these Air Force 1's...lows...highs


If your kid is into music this bluetooth record player and a cool vinyl is a great gift that isn't clothes

IMO I think Carhartt is this years Champion...I love this Rain Defense sweatshirt (great for that kid that doesn't wear a jacket!) and this beanie comes in like 20 colors... a total no brainer!

 Champion is still cool and everything...I still have a few from High School! Again loving the color combo in this Long Sleeve...and it's under $20!

I know I know more Champion, butr these slippers for roaming from floor to floor in the dorms another nobrainer!

Doesn't every kid need a poker set????

Ok fine...I get it! Every kid needs a pair of Tim's...I'm just so not into them...but whatever!

Last but not least a fresh new pair of Vans, because lets face it these kids go through things like they are made of water!

If you havn't started already....Let's Get Gifting!!

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Teen/Tween or somewhere In Between Gift Guide for Her...

Ok...I want half of these things! but these are all things my inner teen girl would love to find under the tree or menorah! 

 Yes I know Im posted these cozy sherpa lined sweatpants on mygift guide for the Mama's but anyone would love these cozy sweats!

I am obsessed with this Patagonia vest I love the color combo and I think your daughter will love it too!

I mean how Kardashian-esque is this mirror...your daughter will love!

 These sneaks look like Golden Goose but will not break the bank...if you don't mind breaking the bank, click here

This camo set screams cozy...and thanks MOM!!
 I wear my diamond huggies everyday, and your daughter can too and you won't care if she loses them with these!

She will love these cool Ray Bans for sure!

I mean being comfy is all that really matters! This is literally called The Comfy!
 Could I gush over these Beautycounter Limited Edition Jellies more! I am obsessed and she will be too!
 All of our kids need a pair of these Blue Light glasses...they come in like 10 different colors and patterns....I'm buying a pair for myself too!

Too be honest...I am so much more into these Veja's than the GG

When starting them off on a designer piece, start them with a classic like this Prada wristlet....I still have my Fendi clutch my Mom bought for me in Junior High!

Omg...I am so obsessed with these Dr.Martens and your daughter will be too....also this pair that never leave my feet!

Let's Get Gifting!! 16 Days Left!!

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Cool Kicks...For that Perfect Holiday Gift!

Are these sneaks at the top of your kids Holiday Wish List???

While we all want to be able to get our kids what they want for the holiday's these sneaks come with a hefty price tag...$600....while that is doable for some, it is not easily doable for most...

But I got you covered with a great selection of equally cool kicks that won't break the bank!

Love this pair from Steve Madden...loving the neon star, and they are currently 30% off!

Another great pair from Steve Madden and also 20% off!

This cool pair from Vintage Havana and 30% off!

Another great pair from Steve Madden

Guys!!! These are all from Amazon! And all under $40!!!

Now......Let's Get Gifting!!!

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gift Guide for Him....

Hope your Guy is easier to shop for than mine! If not here are some great gift ideas!

I know I post this every year but the motion activated toilet light is always a hit!

For the Guy that works outside this is for him...this sweatshirt is water repellent!

For that Guy who schlepps around the city...these waterproof boots will keep their feet dry and still keep them looking cool

And when they come home from a long day...these cozy slippers

I mean... could this book not be more perfect for that Marvel fan in your life!

Because they lost the pair you bought last year...

These Uggs are my  husbands favorite has been wearing these for years! Super comfy & warm

For that scotch lover...

The husband loves these sneaks too...great for going out...psst they are on sale!

For the luxe minded Guy...this Bottega wallet

IMO Persol's on men are so cool.....

Ok so let's Get Gifting!! Only 18 days left!!

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Gift Guide for Her...

Phone case// Ok so my friends daughter has this phone case and I am obsessed because I really do not care for those slots on the back of the phone for a credit card for everyone to see, i love how this one zips and has plenty of room for credit cards and cash (whatever that is!)

Sherpa lined wrap// I bought this last year after my friend Lisa recommened it to me. If you have a cold house or a cold office or you are on that cold soccer, football, baseball field then this is for you and you will thank me because it is beyond cozy!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket// From what I hear these blankets and anything from Barefoor Dreams is amazing!

Workout tank 3pk// I love a muscle tee, and I love these tanks, they come in a pack of 3 and in 10 different color combinations...perfect for that Mama that loves to workout!

Veja Sneakers// If you follow me on social media you would know how obsessed I am with these sneakers...they are different and so cool!

Jane Winchester Pendant// This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry! I literally never take it off!! Available in 14kt gold plated, sterling silver, and 10 kt gold.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant// My new strange obsession and the only I have asked for as a holiday gift!

Bottega Veneta Clutch// If you want to treat your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son whoever the gift of luxury without the hefty price tag, this Bottega is an unbelievable gift!

Ray Ban Meteor Wayfarers// Who wouldn't like a new pair of sunnies for Christmas?? I know I would and I am all about the wayfarers right now!

Beautycounter Glow Getters Trio// One of the best holiday Gift Sets, not only do you get the Overnight Resurfacing peel but also the Instant Glow Illuminating cream, (which is only available in this set!) as well as the Illuminating Cream Highlighter in Rose Glow!

Leopard Pom Pom Hat// Who wouldn't love this hat #nobrainer

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Sneaks// One word resolutions...get into the gym with a fresh new pair of sneaks!

Roxanne Assoulin Set of 3 Pink Sand Bracelets// You cannot go wrong with this set of uber trendy bracelets which are currently on sale!

Sherpa lined sweatpants// You had me at sherpa lined...comes in 9 different colors, super cozy!

Happy Holiday's! #getgifting

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Luxe Gift Guide 2019

Ok Girls forward this to your Husbands/Wives/Girfriends/Boyfriends/Children whoever is in charge of your holiday gift, because this Luxe Gift Guide is a doozy!!

Click on the links below to take you directly to the items above....

Missoni Bathrobe//Bottega Veneta wallet//The Row Eros Shearling Booties//Spinelli Kilcollin Sonny Set of Three Rings//Hermes H-Hour Watch//Fornasetti Apertivo Candle//Foundrae Lapis Lazuli & Sapphire Bracelet//The Row Reyna Coat//The Row Bindle Hobo//Beautycounter Glow Getters Trio//Gucci Jordaan Loafers//

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Look out La Mer....

Look out La Mer...

Beautycounter's Countertime is officially here and it is our best skin care collection by far! In a recent review of the Countertime Collection in Women's Wear Daily, our Founder & CEO, Gregg Renfrew, is quoted as saying "For a long time if we won a beauty award, it's been 'the best of natural' or 'best of indie' category. We want to be the best of the best...With this launch we've delivered as good or better than all the anti-aging lines, minus the 1,600 harmful ingredients they continue to use. It's not that we are part of the clean beauty movement, we are the future of beauty."

For any of you who have been using our Rejuvenating line, you will be blown away by this upgrade. I have been lucky enough to use the new Countertime products for the past 2+ weeks and I see a visible difference in my skin! If you had tried Rejuvenating before but it didn't check the box for optimal hydration and performance for you, please give Beautycounter products another try with Countertime. One key point is that I'm well aware how much women love their Retinol. Here are a few reasons as to why it's important to break up with your Retinol for good!!
  • Retinol is on our Never List  because Beautycounter believes it is not worth taking the risk. Studies show that Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate can have harmful side effects, irritating the skin, damaging DNA and speeding the growth of skin tumors when used topically. 
  • Retinol also makes the skin sensitive to the sun's damaging rays. Did you ever wonder why your dermatologist recommends only using Retinol at night and washing it off before you are exposed to the sun?
  • Both the EU and Canada have restricted the use of Retinol because of its' evidence of danger to human health and the environment. But the good 'ol US of A allows Retinol to still be used primarily in moisturizers and anti-aging products.
  • With Countertime, Beautycounter has perfected a Retinatural combination that includes Bakuchiol & Swiss Alpine Rose as a clean alternative to Retinol but works even BETTER. This combo performs like Retinol by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pore size as well as plumping the skin and firming the skin's texture but without any of the harmful effects.

These are the steps to the Countertime Collection:

1 - Cleanse (Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil $49): This oil removes makeup & other impurities without stripping essential lipids from the skin. Apply to the face dry and add warm water to lather and then rinse.

2 - PREP (Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence $59): Lightweight but deeply nourishing, this milky essence delivers nutrients to the skin's moisture barrier instantly boosting hydration and radiance. This is similar to the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence which is $185 for 5.4 oz but without  harmful ingredients like parabens. I had no idea if I was going to like this step and now this is the step I look forward to the most!

3 - TREAT (Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum $79): Increases skin's firmness & elasticity, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Who doesn't want/need that??

4 - PROTECT AM (Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream $79): This velvety revitalizing cream improves skin's barrier function and boosts hydration. A daily essential - trust me!

5 - PROTECT PM (Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream $89): If you've felt like the Rejuvenating Night cream was not rich enough for you, you want to give this one a whirl! It will supercharge your beauty sleep by supporting elasticity and visibly firming & smoothing skin's texture. This is the one closest to La Mer without the harmful ingredients (or the heavy price point!)

6 - DON'T FORGET THE EYES (Countertime Ultra-Renewal Eye Cream $69): Dab underneath the eye to help with hydration, decrease the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and brighten the eye area. I'll take all of those!!

The entire line is sold as a Collection at a 10% savings for $382 ($424 value).  The new gorgeous glass packaging is more sustainable and better for our overall carbon footprint.  Also, there is 15% more product than was offered with Rejuvenating so it's a much better value. If you want to try before you buy, please reach out. I am happy to meet local clients so you can see and feel and smell the products and see how amazing they are for yourself. For long distance users, I will have samples available to mail hopefully by August. I am so excited about this launch and can't wait for you all to experience the amazing Countertime!

***thank you to Dana Friedman for the awesome inspo!

Monday, April 8, 2019

NEW!!!! Weekly Social Media Style Round-Up

Hey Guys!!  It's been a minute since my last post, but if you follow me on Facebook and Insta you know I've been posting away....
I'm thinking I am going to start a weekly social media round-up post to make it easy for you to find everything that I have posted throughout the week in one spot...what do you think???

Hey! You know what to do right??? Click on the thumbnail!
First up....
this jumpsuit was a hughe hit! So many of you loved it and thanks to my friend Nicole for the heads up!

These amazing camo pants...

Next up for all of those college bound or camp bound kiddos, these water draining, antimicrobial shower flip flops are a MUST!! Def buying more than 1 pair!

Did you hear me RAVING about this gorgeous Transforming Duo Box set??? Perfect for Mother's Day or for your daughters Easter basket or for yourself....but these sell out super fast so grab it while you can!

These super chic slides...under $60

I mean this Zara dress!

I'm having a Bottega moment I don't own one but I am obsessing over this clutch!

these leggings

these bike shorts!!

this easy breezy jumpsuit

My FAVORITE $10 jeans!!!!!

These 2 dresses

And......these $10 slides! I bought pink and orange

Ok that's about it! I'm going to try to keep up on this social media round-up....what do you think??   Are we digging this!!!

Wooden Wristwatch