Monday, March 30, 2015

Men's Monday

So for a while know, we all know that the "Jogger" is a great way to be comfortable and put together, or comfortable and chic, how great is that! But the same holds true now for the men.
Now these are not for my Hubby at this trending moment, he is a little more basic, would I like to see him in them, Yes, but for now they are for my teenage son, who has been living in them lately, and I am happy to see out of his typical sweats and into a more polished look.
Whether it's a true sweat pant style jogger or a Chino style your guy will be sure to be living in these.

The Rail Jogger Chino                                  Topman Zip Knit Jogger    

The Rover AG                                                 Joe's The Desi Jogger

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