Monday, March 23, 2015

Ebay Kick

So I have been on a really big Ebay kick lately. I buy so many of my Levi's on Ebay, and I have been wanting to add a pair of black 501's to my repertoire, so the scouring began, and quickly ended with a perfect pair that I scored for $6.99, yes that's right 6 dollars and .99 cents!! My intentions were to cut these 501's into shorts, and after seeing one of my favorite bloggers Man Repeller's blog on adding patches to your jeans, (link) , I planned on adding the patches to the black cutoffs,  I began searching for the perfect patches.
So the do you want the good news or the bad news or the good news?
So the bad news is, the black 501's were a perfect ankle length that I couldn't bare to cut them into shorts, the good news is I found 2 perfectly so me patches, ( I had a few more I had collected over the years), and then the other good news is that apparently I am a Levi's cutoff hoarder and I had the perfect pair in nventory to add the patches to.

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