Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wishful Wednesday

It is Wishful Wednesday once again and I think I need to clear something up. 
A Wish by definition is a want or desire. These things in my posts are just those things, wants. While I do purchase some of these things I am not actually buying every single item I post, these are just "things" that as I go through my emails or Pinterest or my favorite websites, that I add to my Shopping Cart and I may or may not actually check out. I mean honestly how many items do you have in your shopping cart at Shopbop or Gap? Boy if I did actually purchase every single one of these items I think my husband would divorce me, but they all are things that I am...
       Currently Coveting...

 A Pair of Chuck Taylor Hightops, to pair with leather like leggings, and in the Spring to pair with cut off Levi's

I came across these Melt Candles at Target it turns out they are made by Nest one of my favorite candles companies
*I did just buy this and smells great!

Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer 50mm
I love this cheeky regrets her behavior Thank You card from Catbird

Ok, so I am so in love with these Pamela Barsky bags, she has so many clever little sayings
*I do actually have one of these bags, and have bought others as gift...

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