Friday, January 17, 2014


While shopping recently with my good friend Jen for her 40th Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) at Hirschleifers in the Americana, we wandered into the Chanel Boutique. We were luckily greeted by a great sales associate Pamela who kindly "schooled" us in all things Chanel. Pamela taught us what makes a "Classic Chanel" classic, she taught us about colors and leathers, she was fantastic.

Pamela taught us that say a red for this season, may not be the red for next season or next year, or a style like say the Boy Chanel, may be the hottest bag of this season, but Chanel may not make it next year. All this got me thinking that while I love a Classic Chanel, which is a bag that is produced year after year, I kind of love something that is a little different, something that everyone else doesn't have, almost like a retired style, which for me, as my friend said makes it more desirable,

While it is easy to walk into your local Chanel to purchase a bag, there are also some great websites where you are able to purchase pre-owned bags and not just Chanel, but Celine, or Rolex or Isabel Marant. These websites guarantee authenticity and describe fully, including photos the condition of the item. These sites also give you the opportunity to find styles or colors that are not being produced anymore, or hard to find items.

Portero is a fantastic website that includes everything from Rolex to Chanel all pre-owned and as I said all items have been authenticated.
The Real Real is another great site, but this one is a little different it is a online consignment shop, again they guarantee that all items have been authenticated. Real Real offers apparel, accessories, shoes and art. You can also consign your own things on The Real Real.
Shop Hers is another online consignment shop which also offers everything from apparel, shoes, handbags and jewelry. Again when buying pre-owned items it always very important to make sure everything has been authenticated and on these sited they guarantee it.

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