Thursday, October 17, 2013

Favorite Jeans

Don't you find that your favorite pair of jeans is always in the wash? I mean duh they are your favorites where else would they be? You do wear  them ALL the time!
It seems like every time I buy a new pair of jeans I'm always like "omg these are my new favorite jeans", and off they go into the closet with all the rest of the "favorites".
I tend to name my jeans too like, favorite pair for ankle boots, or favorite pair to go out to dinner in, favorite for flats or favorite to wear with a pair of chuck taylor's . Is this normal, do other people name their jeans?
So in the closet all the favorites hang together but only a select few make it into  the weekly circulation, here are a few of my "favorites".
Old Navy Rockstar

Enitenne Marcel
Favorite to go out in, love the red zipper detail
Current Elliot Stiletto
Mother The Slacker
Rag & Bone The Skinny Jeans

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