Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aerial Yoga

For some people working out comes easily to them. They have the motivation, the drive, they push themselves. I am so envious of these people, the fit ones, the ones who run mile after mile, while chatting with their running partner.
I am not one of these people. I loathe to work out, I have to push myself, shove myself to workout. There are some types of workouts that I do love, I love to Spin, love it, I love the energy of the room everyone riding together pushing themselves harder and harder, I also love the Insanity workout there is something about Shaun T he is so motivating, no matter how hard the workout he  keeps pushing you to the limit.
 So while in a workout lull (my favorite trainer has been on hiatus, CT) I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try Aerial Yoga. Aerial Yoga uses a circus hammock or silks that are suspended from the ceiling. The workout helps you build flexibility and strength, it combines traditional yoga poses combined with inversions. I enter each class wanting to try more advanced positions and inversions, and leave each class dying to do all over again.
 Aerial Yoga is also called Unnata Yoga, learn more about it here Unnata


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