Friday, May 15, 2015

The Glamorous Life

Finally the sun is shinning, I can smell summer (and pollen) in the air and all of a sudden the days seem to be speeding by. My days seem to consist of juggling baseball games and field trips, bike to school day, spring concerts, ugh regents are coming, better get the grades up quickly, beach day is coming, 8th grade moving up ceremony, and getting the house ready for the summer season. There is planting to be done, weeds to be pulled, windows..why are they so dirty, windows to be cleaned, Memorial Day is coming and coming quick.
With all of that being said my posting may be a little off, some days it is hard to find inspiration with all of this life going on, and all of this life swirling around is so much more inspiring than another pair of Valentinos...

Doesn't get more Glamorous than this, cutting a trellis down to use in my little vegetable garden, while apparently using a hacksaw which I guess is for metal and not wood

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