Monday, October 27, 2014

My Gift to You...

The Gift of Cash Back...

I think these days many of us do the majority of our shopping from the comfort of our livingroom couch. Lately I have been doing most of my online shopping through Ebates. Maybe it's me who is in the dark and this is not actually a gift to you, and you all know about Ebates and already use it.
I signed up for Ebates years ago and for some reason just never got into using it, but I have been wasting money all of these years by not using it. Ok, so here's how it works, you sign in to Ebates and set up an account and then you access all of your favorite stores through Ebates, and then Ebates gives you back a percentage of the sale. Some stores as much as 8% back! That is like saving on the tax, and when making a big purchase that is a huge savings!
Here are some of my favorite stores and the current promotions that I can access through Ebates.

Saks 4% back (I have seen promotions on Saks for as much as 8% back)
Nordstroms 3% back
Bloomingdales 6% back
Shopbop 3% back
Amazon 3% back
Neiman Marcus 4% back
Barney's 2.5% back
iTunes 7% back
Theory 5% back
Snapfish 10% back
Topshop 8% back
Intermix 4% back

2%, 3%, chump change you say, well I can tell you that chump change adds up quickly and every 3 months, I am happy to get back a little bit of what I have spent.


  1. Always like to get cash back. I had never heard about ebates. Thanks for sharing

  2. This has proven to be your best EES to date. Just got a check for $18.00 and expecting an even better one in February. Thank you EES!!

    1. So happy you are using it, IDK why everyone doesn't!


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