Friday, October 10, 2014


I love the term AthLeisure...
The truth is most of us live in our workout clothes all day, whether it is because we go straight to the gym from dropping off the kids, then to the market, Target, dry cleaner etc.. then back to get the kids, homework, basketball,  dinner, and then hopefully a shower. Or we wear our workout clothes out of pure comfort, but comfort is not that old pair of yoga pants anymore. The term AthLeisure is all about our busy or leisurely lifestyle, whether you are working out or running errands comfort and function has never looked so good.
I love a down vest, whether I am out for a walk or out running errands a vest is a essential part of my winter wardrobe
On the really cold day when you need a jacket I love this Lole in the jacket version as well I am all about the patterned pant or a pant with some kind or detail to it, why shouldn't we look great while sweating our asses off at spin? I love the Sheer detail How cool is this Moto inspired jacket For those of us who like our tush covered these are perfect! We all need a cool pair of track pants

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