Monday, May 22, 2017

Smile Fearlessly


Call me a skeptic but, I'm not one to fall for that magic pill boasting weight loss, or that lotion that promises to turn back the hands of time, but when I heard about Smile Brilliant I thought this one I had to try.

At 45 years old and a major coffee drinker my teeth definitely needed a brightening, I have tried every whitening toothpaste, strip, gel, paint  and whatever else  you could find in the drugstore, and although my teeth weren't all that yellow to begin with, I never seemed to see any kind of noticeable results from the drugstore products.

Smile Brilliant is a affordable at home teeth whitening system comparable to what you would get from your dentist but for a fraction of the cost, and without any time consuming and pricey dental visits, Smile Brilliant is equally if not more effective.

There are six different systems to choose from, heavy stains to lights stains, sensitive to non-sensitive. I have sensitive teeth so I went with the T6 Sensitive System (average stains) which is $165, included in the kit is a set of impression trays and impression material so you customize your dental trays, it's super easy to do and practically fool proof but if you do make a mistake they include 3 sets of impression materials so you are sure to get a perfect impression of your mouth. You have questions, yes I did too luckily Smile Brilliant's 7 Things to Know before Buying Teeth Whitening answered everything I wanted to know and made me super comfortable using their products.

Once your impression are made you send them back to the Smile Brilliant lab in pre-paid postage envelope, within a few days your custom fitted trays are mailed back to you, and you are on your way to a whiter brighter smile!


I've literally only used my whitening trays 4 times. I am a busy mom and always on the go so I only wear them for about 45 minutes-an hour at a time, but the recommended time is between 1-3 hours, even after just one wear I noticed a difference. As I said my teeth were pretty white to begin with but they had that dull yellow coffee addict tinge, Smile Brilliant has not only brightened my teeth but call me crazy I feel like they are shinier.


Another great feature about Smile Brilliant is that since you already have your own custom trays if you feel like in a few months that you need another round of whitening, you can order a pack of just the whitening gel, without ordering another whole kit.

Why waste your money on those strips that run almost $50 and barely work, your teeth and your smile is the first thing that people notice, we should all invest in our smile and be confident enough to Smile Fearlessly.

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  1. Wow this is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your before and after pictures with us.

  2. I think I need to bite the bullet and spend the money and buy this - your after pictures are beautiful!

  3. Good review, my wife tried a teeth whitening treatment and got some great results.

  4. I love smile brilliant, I just recently tried this teeth whitener and have seen great results! Great post!


  5. Your teeth actually looks whiter! I love it! Glad this worked out for you!


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