Thursday, April 23, 2015

Am I Too Old to....

Am I too old to...
At a certain age this question looms over a woman's head for so many reasons.
Am I too old for long hair?
Am I too old to wear a mini skirt?
Am I too old to wear a crop top?
Am I too old to wear a bikini??????
Now that's a good one, am I???

Is it time for a one piece, I don't think I have owned one since junior high school, is it time for a bathing suit with a skirt to cover up that pesky cellulite that litters my thighs?
Or do I just say F*#K it, and wear one of my favorite bikini's from Acacai?


Yes, I have posted this before, because I am obsessed with it!

Beth Richards
I love these Beth Richard bathing suits, I love that you don't see everyone on the beach wearing it

O'Neill Voda Surf Suit
I'm super stoked to use my new paddle board and I think this would be perfect, and protect my skin from the sun

If I do decide it is time for a one piece this would be my first choice
Tory Burch Clemente

For the athletic beach goer these suits and rashguards from Athleta are fantastic
Scoop Bikini

Colorblock Tankini

And for sunscreen or a wet suit
PilyQ Maya Pouch

So, tell me, when do you think it's time to hang up the bikini???

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