Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Denim Junkie-Fall Organizing

Somehow the change of seasons always prompts closet organization. My jeans needed to be sorted through desperately. As much as I try to purge my jeans regularly, my denim collection just seems to get bigger and bigger and my closet smaller and smaller. I needed to figure out a way to organize my jeans and to maximize the small space allotted for them in my closet. 
This is what I came up with...
Non-Slip Hangers
While I have been using these space saving, garment safe hangers in the rest of my closet for years, I had yet to switch my jeans over from the bulky wooden hangers they were hanging on.
I was able to hang two pairs of jeans side by side of each hanger, which balanced the hanger out beautifully so the hangers all hang effortlessly straight, and also maximized the small hanging space I have for my jeans.

I bought my Non-Slip hanger at Costco, but you can find them anywhere Target, Amazon, HSN, to name a few.



  1. Great tip. These hangers have changed my life and closet. The best part is that you see results instantly. Watch your closet lose the pounds in seconds.

    1. Couldn't agree more Lisa! Making room for the WHB Sidewalk Sale!!


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