Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Overall Perfection

A few years ago my friend Kelly bought the best overalls from Zara. It was that perfect pair of overalls that worked so well with a sneaker a wedge or a heel, and can easily be worn day or night. I'm not really sure why I never ordered that same pair of overalls, but that ship has sailed and I have suffered from overall envy all of this time....

Until I came across this pair of orange tab overalls from yup you guessed it, Levi's!!

Often times overalls give you that saggy ass look, but I promise you will look as good coming as you will look going in this pair with that signature cool kid Levi's orange tab styling

This pair is on sale and only a few sizes left so act quickly (I am wearing a 26), but I also love this pair (which is also on sale) these and these
I am wearing them with my favorite Adidas terry slides but would also pair them with this pair of awesome sock boots from Topshop, which are currently in my cart and I can't wait to get them!!!

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