Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific...

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific....
Do you remember that shampoo commercial from the 70's & 80's?

Well my hair does smell terrific, and it looks terrific too!
We all know about the amazing health benefits of eating Greek yogurt, but what I wasn't aware of was that combining Greek yogurt, blueberry and acai together would give me stronger, healthier, softer hair. Hask Greek Yogurt shampoo blends Greek yogurt with blueberry and acai extract to cleanse and repair your damaged hair. The blueberry helps repair the damage while the acai, well that helps with the breakage.
My hair is so dry, flat and blah during the winter months, but since using Hask Greek Yogurt shampoo my hair looks brighter, healthier and has more body. I typically like to use a "clear" shampoo, but this shampoo has a dual chamber, the blueberry & acai is a translucent layer while the yogurt is the creamier layer, it creates a perfect balance. Have I mentioned how AMAZING it smells, and I love that the smell lasts all day!

Hask Greek Yogurt shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens, phatalates, gluten & drying alcohol and is never tested on animals!

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