Thursday, March 16, 2017

Admitting it is the first step

I have a confession to make
I am a sunglass addict.
This is the pair that is currently taunting me

He's the thing, these beauties by Smoke x Mirrors are $350 buckaroos, and while I love them, I really really love them, I am doing my best to refrain from this high ticket purchase

I am distracting myself from impulsively adding these sunglasses to my cart with this round up of great sunglasses all under $100

See how sensible I can be....

1.Le Specs Thunderdome $79//2. Quay Needing Fame $55//3. Quay Stop & Stare $60//4.Le Specs The Prince $89//5.Bonnie Clyde Figueroa $74//6. Diff Dime II $75//7.Quay French Kiss $60//8. Quay Santa Fe $60//9. Le Specs Thunderdome $79//10. Le Specs No Smirking $89//


  1. I have an obsession with Quay sunnies! I love the variety that they have and the price is great.

  2. I also have an obsession with sunglasses, thanks for the cheaper versions

  3. The collections and styles are really good for those rates.


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