Monday, June 1, 2015

Denim Junkie: White Denim Care

I was so disappointed when I pulled my favorite white denim Levi's out of the closet to find that they have yellowed.
Why does white denim yellow? What causes this, and what can I do to stop it from happening before I have another denim casualty on my hands..

First things first:

Now, this I have never heard, before wearing a new pair of white denim, Scothguard them, this will prevent stains in the first place, which will cut down on washing, which will cut down on yellowing

Never bleach white denim
-the bleach causes the denim to break down which causes yellowing
Instead wash in your whites in cold or warm water

If you need to brighten your whites or if your denim has already yellowed like mine try using a product like White Brite

I know we all love to throw our denim in the dryer especially if they have stretched out, but the heat from the dryer also causes the denim fibers to break down to cause, yup you guessed it yellowing
Instead let your white denim air dry

I admit it, I am an excessive user of fabric softener, but again this causes yellowing

So, now we know how to care for our white denim, if you need to replace your yellowed whites, I love this pair from Koral, these from Rag & Bone, and these from the Gap

Rag & Bone

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