Thursday, June 4, 2015

$100 or Less Challenge

I think for a lot of people they feel that buying and wearing high end brands defines them, it shows they can, they have....But style isn't about the brand or the price, one does not equal the other.

I am a major High-Low shopper, I am as comfortable and confident in a top from Forever 21 as I am in my Chloe ballet flats. After reading this post from WHOWHATWEAR,  which shows how celebrities mix this high-low way of dressing, I have decided that for the rest of the month I am challenging myself to keep all of the items I post under $100. Mix the pieces up with things from your own closet or wear them together.
As I write that, I know how ridiculous that sounds, because spending  $100 on an entire outfit or even an entire wardrobe, is a tremendous luxury for the majority of the world.

I want to show you, that Chic can be affordable

Remember, a red sole or the logo on your purse doesn't define you, YOU define you

Mango Draped Blouse//Shorts//Shoes// Clutch

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