Friday, April 25, 2014

Dr Scholl's a Summer Staple

For me the definition of a Summer Staple  is something I go to year after year whether it is trending or not. A wardrobe staple is something that never goes out of style like a great pair of Levi's or a navy blazer. 
One of my favorite Summer Staples, is a good ole pair of classic Dr.Scholl's. I'm not sure what it is about Dr. Scholl's maybe it is the wooden sole, or maybe it is how incredible they make your legs look in a pair of shorts, they remind me of my childhood. Every summer I always looked forward to my mom taking me shopping for a fresh pair of white Dr.Scholl's. With summer coming and White being such a huge trend I thought I would go back to my childhood and treat myself to a fresh pair.

Dr.Scholl's Original $64.99

I can't wait to pair them with a great pair of overalls like these from Frame Le Garcon Overalls
and a classic striped racer back tank like this one from Zara or with a denim skirt like this one from  Current/Elliot and this Seed Stitch Sweater from Everlane

Always wear what you love, be yourself, don't be a slave to a trend...

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  1. Jen! Everytime I read your blog it costs me! lol I love your ideas and classic style suggestions! You were right the Everlane Ryan Tee is a new fave! BTW- made it to the Tods outlet in Orlando last week!
    Can I wear white loafers before Memorial Day!??!?!? WWJD?


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