Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recycled Levi's

Years ago and I do mean years ago, like the 90's, I lived in Recycled Levi's or Used Levi's, (and cowboy boots). I know the word "Used" now makes you cringe, but somehow it didn't bother you then. My friends and I would go to this great Used clothing store in the Village and scour through racks and racks of Levi's to find the perfect broken in pair. Even all of the trendy clothing stores back then carried piles and piles of used Levi's. This is obviously a thing of the past and now when I want to get my hands on a great pair of broken in Levi's I scour Ebay. If I am buying Levi's to cut into shorts I love men's 501's.

I like my shorts to hit below the belly button, I know the high waisted short is the thing, but it is not the thing for me, or very flattering, so what I do is measure the waist on a favorite pair of my  jeans and look for Levi's in that waist size. When looking for Levi's there is the size marked on the jean and then there is the actual waist size, I recommend looking for sellers that list the actual waist size, post a lot of pictures, and have good feedback, good feedback is extremely important when buying from Ebay.

The high waisted trend in shorts is so hot right and there are many trendy stores selling recycled Levi's with a hefty price tag, but I recommend figuring out a flattering waist size look on Ebay,  and make your own shorts. They are so many creative ways to personalize your shorts, like sewing  a piece of lace along the hem or sewing on a cool Rolling Stones patch, or using a bleach pen and monogramming your initials into the back pocket the possibilities are endless...
Be Creative, make them your own...

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