Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wishful Wedesday

On this Wishful Wednesday I am wishing for all things Zara! I know I know Zara again, but yes!
The Line is Amazing! The prices are amazing!
 Free shipping, free returns, and so many incredible things, what more could you want??

Faux Leather Lace Top $79.90

Faux Leather Skort $69.90

Sweater with Open Back $49.90

Dress with Bow in Back $89.90

Short DuffleCoat  $179.00

Short Jumpsuit $99.90
Totally Obsessed with this!

                                          Gloves $59.90
Tote $59.90

Camo Skinny Trousers $59.90
I just bought these, they are amazing!

Top $59.90

Blazer $189.00

 I honestly could go on and on there are so many beautiful things....

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