Monday, December 9, 2019

Teen/Tween or somewhere In Between Gift Guide for Her...

Ok...I want half of these things! but these are all things my inner teen girl would love to find under the tree or menorah! 

 Yes I know Im posted these cozy sherpa lined sweatpants on mygift guide for the Mama's but anyone would love these cozy sweats!

I am obsessed with this Patagonia vest I love the color combo and I think your daughter will love it too!

I mean how Kardashian-esque is this mirror...your daughter will love!

 These sneaks look like Golden Goose but will not break the bank...if you don't mind breaking the bank, click here

This camo set screams cozy...and thanks MOM!!
 I wear my diamond huggies everyday, and your daughter can too and you won't care if she loses them with these!

She will love these cool Ray Bans for sure!

I mean being comfy is all that really matters! This is literally called The Comfy!
 Could I gush over these Beautycounter Limited Edition Jellies more! I am obsessed and she will be too!
 All of our kids need a pair of these Blue Light glasses...they come in like 10 different colors and patterns....I'm buying a pair for myself too!

Too be honest...I am so much more into these Veja's than the GG

When starting them off on a designer piece, start them with a classic like this Prada wristlet....I still have my Fendi clutch my Mom bought for me in Junior High!

Omg...I am so obsessed with these Dr.Martens and your daughter will be too....also this pair that never leave my feet!

Let's Get Gifting!! 16 Days Left!!

**i do make a commission when purchasing through these links**

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