Saturday, December 14, 2019

Gift Guide for the Boys...for the Guys....

It's funny I'm a Boy Mom and I've been having a hard time with this one...maybe because my boys do not need a thing...maybe because I think many things this year are the same as last. But you know me, I'm going to dig deep and find the good stuff!

 Do they need another Champion? Probably not but this color combo is so fresh!

I enlisted my in house sneaker experts for these...My Mace said walk into any classroom and every kid either wants or has these Air Force 1's...lows...highs


If your kid is into music this bluetooth record player and a cool vinyl is a great gift that isn't clothes

IMO I think Carhartt is this years Champion...I love this Rain Defense sweatshirt (great for that kid that doesn't wear a jacket!) and this beanie comes in like 20 colors... a total no brainer!

 Champion is still cool and everything...I still have a few from High School! Again loving the color combo in this Long Sleeve...and it's under $20!

I know I know more Champion, butr these slippers for roaming from floor to floor in the dorms another nobrainer!

Doesn't every kid need a poker set????

Ok fine...I get it! Every kid needs a pair of Tim's...I'm just so not into them...but whatever!

Last but not least a fresh new pair of Vans, because lets face it these kids go through things like they are made of water!

If you havn't started already....Let's Get Gifting!!

**when ppurchasing through these links a commission will be made**


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