Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gift Guide for that Special Guy

The men are the hardest to buy for, don't you think? I hope this gift guide brings you some gift buying inspiration for that Special Guy in your life

A fresh new North Face because they wore last year's to death

For that guy with facial hair a handsome shaving kit

                    This book is perfect for my hard to buy for Husband

                                                                              For that Star Wars lover

Yes a nose hair trimmer because they ALL need one! Just stick it in their stocking and say Your Welcome!

For that handy Guy a digital measuring tape   

This Darth Vader bottle opener is perfect for that Star Wars obsessed Guy    

For that Guy with Style these Volcom boots are a win

I love this Patagonia pullover, sure to be a cold weather staple  
For the wine love this electric bottle opener is a great gift  

Anyone have a whisky lover, this insulated whisky glass set is perfect 
Sorry again with this toilet light but people are going crazy for it!

Who wouldn't love this leather card holder phone case      

I love a masculine leather wrap bracelet
Use a fucking coaster....yup use it  

I can't take credit for this...smelled it on a friends Husband a few years and has since become my Husbands me get this for your Guy!!
We love our Sonos Connect especially while we are sitting by the pool, awesome gift that that techy Guy

A new pair of North Face gloves because one was lost last year

Just 10 Shopping days pressure

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