Thursday, February 2, 2017

Denim Junkie: Flare Edition

My current denim obsession is all things cropped, kicked and flared. I've been milling around in my closet looking for unworn flares to deconstruct and crop, but if you are not a weirdo like I am cutting up your jeans, here are a few of my favs

1. Frame Denim: Le Crop $69// 2. Current/Elliott: The Flip Flop $230// 3. J Brand: Selena $238 $119// 4. Current/Elliott Kick Flare $238 $119// 5. Current/Elliott Kick Striped Flare $220 $77// 6. The Great: Nerd Cropped $265//7. Mother: The Nomad cropped $230// 8. Frame: Crop Mini Bootcut $239//

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