Friday, November 18, 2016

Ready Set Shop with Ebates

The Holiday Countdown has begun! And with Christmas Eve and Hanukkah starting on the same night it is going to be a holiday sprint!
So here is my first shopping tip...
If you are an online shopper, shop with Ebates. I say this every season, you would think that I had stock in Ebates the way I push it, but it truly is a smart way to shop. Think about it this way, with all of the money we are spending for the Holiday's why not get a little and sometimes a lot back with Ebates.
So you know how Ebates works right?? So they work with major retailers, like retailers that we shop at all the time like Amazon, or Saks, Or Kohls, or Old Navy or Bergdorf Goodman, and for every purchase you make you receive a certain percentage of the sale back in the form of a Big Fat Check which you receive quarterly. That's it, you literally get paid to shop!

Here are a few examples of current Ebates promotions

Saks 8% back
Amazon UP to 25% back !!!!!
Shutterfly 4% back
Neiman Marcus 10% back
Groupon 6% back
Macy's 6% back
Expedia Up to 10% back (booking a trip??)
Old Navy 6% back
And the list goes on & on...

To sign up and learn more about  Ebates click here


  1. Love Ebates! I've saved hundreds of dollars and have been using it for years.

    1. Me too! I can never understand how everyone doesn't use it!


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