Saturday, January 9, 2016

Slow my roll...

If you follow my Facebook page you probably saw that I shared this post from Man Repeller (one of my favorites, if you don't follow her you should!!!). The title of the post is 
Uh Oh: I Think I Buy Clothes Because I Like How They Look on Instagram
I admit it I am totally guilty of this, but it really got me thinking about how much Instagram influences our impulsive shopping and overspending habits. I know it does for me when I see something I love on Instagram I automatically google it, and often times buy it, when I probably
A. don't need it 
B. Will only wear it once or
C. Have something identical already in my closet.
 So, I've decided to try to train myself, when I see something on Insta, rather than being impulsive and hitting Buy It Now, I am going to try to simply gain inspiration from who and what I am looking at and then go into my own overstuffed closet and see what I already have that is similar. I am sure my husband is going to love this, if he sees my UPS guy one more time, he is going to shoot me. 
This of course doesn't mean I won't be buying anything, I'm not a saint, I am just hoping it will just slow my roll, and give me a reality check.
And I do have my eye on a few pieces for spring...

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