Friday, December 11, 2015

Denim Junkie:To Wash or Not to Wash...

I am one of those people, I wash my hair every day, yup everyday, yeah yeah yeah, it's not good for your hair, but it is for mine, and there is nothing I hate more than a dirty head. I only wear pj's once, my kids too only once, even on vacation if we go away for 7 days I pack 7 pairs of pj's for all of us, mental, maybe. My kids never wear a pair of jeans or sweatshirt more than once, into the wash they go everyday, a little mental yes I know...

But I digress
So here is my question, what do you do? Do you wash your jeans after every wear? I do, duh...
But according to the denim G-ds Levi's, you should stop washing your jeans. Not only does not washing your jeans gives you that perfect fit and that fading and whiskering that you are after but it is also about water conservation. If your jeans do need to be freshened up to get that hibachi smell out of your favorite jeans, pop them in the freezer overnight, yup the freezer, and if you do have to wash your jeans wash your them inside out in cold water and Hang dry, never put them in the dryer, I am totally guilty of drying my jeans, I'm thinking that maybe my New Year's resolution this year may be to stop washing my jeans

Tell me what do you do? To Wash or Not to Wash??????

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