Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretty in Pink

Pink is the it denim color of the season and it brings me right back to my Farlow, argyle Benetton sweater, EG sock, #44 lipgloss wearing awkward High School self. I seriously must have looked like an Easter egg in my pastel Farlows, which really were the OG of skinny jeans, and my pastel argyle Benetton sweaters,def not Pretty in Pink! YIKES!
Does anyone even remember Farlow jeans or am I that old????

Top Row//Curentt/Elliott//Mother//J Brand//Paige//
Jacket//J Brand//
Bottom Row//Current/Elliott//McGuire//AG//L'Agence//


  1. Love a good colored denim for spring...especially this light blush! Love all of these styles.

    Lee Anne

  2. Omg these are so cute! I need a pair of pink jeans in my life!!


  3. So cute! I haven't owned pink pants in years, but maybe now is the time. :]



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