Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Ok, I need your help, what do you all think about Crop tops?
I am loving them but tell me do you age out of a style like this?
Am I too old to wear a crop top, because I still feel, well I was going to say 25 but no, I still feel 35ish...Not 44.
Could I still pull it off?
Help, because they are so darn cute, right? But, would I have to wear something so high waisted on the bottom to hide my belly roll? I can just picture it, sitting down to dinner in my crop top trying to tuck my belly roll into the top of my pants, so it doesn't hang over, now that does not sound cute.
What do you guys think, it is a pass???
In the meantime here are a few that I have had my eye on, and for all of you that plan on rocking this look I'm kinda jealous....

1. Nicholas Front Tie Top {$285}//2. Alexis Ruban Top {$215}//3. Lucy Paris Tie Front Crop Top {$46}  //4. J.O.A. Knot Front Crop Top {$60}//5. Rachel Comey Stripe Mora Top {$345}

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